Application of injection i.m., s.c. for optional vaccination 200 CZK
Application of optional vaccination p.o. (Rotarix, Rotateq) 100 CZK
CRP (c-reactive protein) 200 CZK
Streptest A 220 CZK
Medical report for preschool/day care – first 200 CZK
each additional 50 CZK
Medical report for high school or university – first 200 CZK
each additional 50 CZK
Health certificate (camps, school activities) 200 CZK
Health certificate for sport 250 CZK
Driving licence health report 450 CZK
Food licence health report 250 CZK
Check up before a foreign study stay 300 CZK
Medical report for sports doctor 200 CZK
Medical report at parents request 300 CZK
Medical report at parents request by the second day 500 CZK
Fill out the forms for insurance companies, spa care, etc. 300 CZK
Health certificate 200 CZK
Health certificate in English 500 CZK
Copy of vaccination certificate 150 CZK
Regular check up for unregistered foreigners without czech insurance 2000 CZK
Mesocain/EMLA (before vaccine application) 100 CZK
Synchronization of vaccination with czech vaccination calendar (including a vaccination certificate) – for foreigners 800 CZK
Ear piercing (including earrings) – both ears 1000 CZK
Ear piercing (including earring) – one ear 500 CZK
Entrance examination for employment 500 CZK
Medical report for studying abroad 500 CZK
Medical check up at own request 500 CZK
Lactation counselling (Bc. Markéta Kolářová) 1500 Kč